Motorcyclist ends up in truck's bed after side-on collision

This is the moment a motorcyclist unexpectedly found himself lying in the back of a truck on a busy street in Birmingham, England, after a side-on collision.

Dash-cam footage from a vehicle following behind shows a highway maintenance vehicle making a right turn after a dumper truck stops to give way.

But the driver was unable to see the motorcyclist – travelling at “well over” 40mph, according to the driver.

In the footage, the motorbike rider drives into the truck, which is sent shuddering after the collision, and lands inside the vehicle.

The riderless bike falls to the ground while parts are sent spinning all over the road.

Explains the driver: “I thought, ‘Oh no, he’s gone over into the back of the van.’ He did a full somersault. I looked into the mirror and I could see him flat-out. He was in shock and was bleeding from his ear. He was taken away in an ambulance.”

The collision took place on New Town Row, as the maintenance vehicle was turning into Manchester Street, at around 9:30am this morning (June 27).