Police Release Video Of Dog Shooting

Jamestown police have released surveillance video that shows an officer shooting a charging dog during a warrant check Wednesday.

The video’s release comes a day after two officers were looking for a man wanted on an outstanding warrant at 222 Winsor St.

Capt. Robert Samuelson of the Jamestown Police Department said as the officers were approaching the home a pitbull-Mastiff mix charged the pair, prompting one of them to shoot the animal. The dog was taken to a nearby veterinary office but later died.

The 10-second surveillance video without sound was taken from a neighbor and shows the two officers approaching the Winsor Street home. At the 7-second mark of the video the dog appears from the left-side of the property and charges the officers.

One of the officers is seen in the video, which Jamestown police edited to show the moment of the shooting, removing his firearm from its holster and quickly fire two rounds — marked by white puffs of smoke — at the dog. A car parked on the road blocks the firing of the second shot at the animal.

Samuelson said the department released the video to remove any doubt that the dog charged its officers and that the shooting was necessary to prevent serious injury.

The dog’s owner was issued a summons late Wednesday for having a dog at-large that attacks. The code violation also includes a $50 fine.